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Concert & Sporting Event Party Bus Service

If you’re a sports lover or a music enthusiast, there’s no better way to celebrate than by heading out to the stadium and cheering on your favorite team or singer. Getting there, however, can be a hassle—especially if you’re traveling in a large group. But now there’s a solution. Whether you’re headed to a football game or an upcoming concert. We know how passionate you are about your favorite teams and artists. That’s why at One Party Bus Vegas we take pride in helping you organize transportation for your group so that everyone has a great time.


Sports Game Bus & Party Bus Services in Las Vegas

Have you ever been at any big sporting events games?

Can you enjoy the event when you have to think where you will have to park the Party Bus, how many beers you can have to safely drive home, how long will you be getting out of the parking lot after the game is over?  Can you fully enjoy the game thinking about those things? We presume, the answer is NO.  One Party Bus Vegas service offers you an affordable solution; You can rent our party bus, and let us deal with that nightmare, while you enjoy conversation with you relatives and friends drink. where everything is for your enjoyment, convenience and safety, and all at affordable and reasonable price.